Are you worried about your child, teen, or marriage? Have you or your child lost the joy that was once yours?

At Olive Leaf Family Counseling we believe people will only thrive when they are in healthy relationships with one another. We enjoy empowering and encouraging people to find the strength they possess for growth and change. We help people develop and achieve positive goals. A fundamental belief that each person has great value and is capable of living a meaningful life undergirds all of our counseling techniques.

If you would like to grow in any of these areas, call us or click here to start your journey.

Relationship Concerns


Anxiety, Fear, and Stress

Life Changes



Communication Challenges

Family Stress

Spiritual Growth


We believe people can grow when they are encouraged and supported. We believe that counseling should respect the dignity of the person seeking help. We believe that our therapeutic techniques should be supported by brain and behavioral science. We abide by the ethics of the American Counseling Association.

When counseling couples and family relationships we use EFT, a kind of therapy that believes people are created to be in well-bonded relationships. We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat anxiety, depression, and ADHD. We use Exposure Response Prevention to treat OCD. We believe it is valuable to use the blend of techniques that most suits your situation.